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Predict and Prove … or Perish

I first heard this catchy aphorism from Elmar Kronz of DDI at the ATD Conference in Taipei. I used it as one of the “Four Things You Must Do to Earn a Seat at The Table” in my keynote speech at the recent Center for Talent Reporting Conference in Dallas, because it...

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May I be Excused? My Brain is Full

In Gary Larson’s famous cartoon, a student asks his teacher if he can be excused because his brain is full. It’s funny as a cartoon, but it is tragic, wasteful, and all-too-common in corporate training. Most training programs try to jam too much content into people’s...

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Stop Taking Orders for Training!

Most training and development professionals are motivated by a genuine desire to help people, teams, and businesses succeed. So, when we get the call that says, “I need a training program …” our natural tendency is to say, “Great, we will get right on it.” As it turns...

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