6Ds Online Workshop

Increase the return on investment from your training and development efforts.

Join the authors of the best-selling Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning for an engaging, interactive, and highly productive, 4-session, 8-week learning process without having to travel.

You will come away with practical tools, insights, and methods you can apply immediately.

Workshop participants receive a 250-page workbook, electronic tool kit, plus personalized online coaching and support from the authors.  Additional information is here: 6Ds-Workshop-Virtual.pdf

2023 Dates: September 14, 21, 28 and October 19
Times: All sessions are from  10:00-12:30 United States Eastern Time Zone
Price: $1,495
Two or more from same company: $1,250 each

Venue: Online
Objective: Increase the value delivered by training and development and become a strategic partner to the business.

Session 1: September 14, 2023


What does value from training mean?
The two critical questions
The 6Ds and Instructional Design

D1: Drive Business Outcomes

Why start with business outcomes?
Where do learning outcomes fit in?
Outcomes Planning Wheel

D2: Design the Complete Experience

What happens before and after class is as important as the instruction
The new finish line for learning

Intersession assignments to continue learning

Session 2: September 21, 2023

Review Intersession Learning

D3: Deliver for Application

Design for how the brain learns
A value chain for learning

D4: Drive learning transfer

Why improving transfer is the greatest opportunity to improve training
Engaging managers as a critical success factor

Intersession assignments to continue learning

Session 3: September 28, 2023

Review Intersession Learning

D5: Deploy performance support

Why performance support should be part of every program
What does great support look like

D6: Document Results

Not everything that can be counted, counts as a result
Guidelines for effective evaluations
Action Planning

Application to your own programs with online coaching from facilitators

Session 4: October 19, 2023

Review intersession assignments and application to your own programs
Capstone session; celebrate achievements and share  lessons learned
Leverage Spaced Learning