In Process Redesign, Tenner and DeToro observed that today “Competition is not between people, products, or companies: it is between processes.” The company with the best process wins.

In manufacturing, the company with the most efficient and effective production process has a competitive advantage. The same principle applies to every other business process, including training and development. The company with the best process for improving performance through training wins.

We need to start managing learning as a process and stop treating it as an isolated event. That is the second of the Six Disciplines (The 6Ds) that turn training into business results.

In production, the goal it to minimize the amount of manufacturing scrap–the time, money and materials wasted on defective output. In training, the goal is to reduce learning scrap–a term we coined in 2004 to signify training that is never applied on the job in a way that improves performance.

Minimizing learning scrap, like minimizing manufacturing scrap, requires applying the techniques of process improvement to the WHOLE learning-to-results process.

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