What are the 6Ds?

The 6Ds® are the six disciplines practiced by the most effective learning organizations.

When we compared highly-effective learning programs to less effective ones, we found the organizations that realized the greatest value from their investment in learning and development did six things well and consistently. These are the six disciplines of breakthrough learning—the 6Ds for short:

  • D1: Define the Business Outcomes—start with “why”; clarify the business rational and expected results in business terms
  • D2: Design the Complete Learning Experience—before, during, and after instruction
  • D3: Deliver for Application—employ instructional strategies that facilitate application on the job
  • D4: Drive Learning Transfer—provide structure, support and accountability for using new skills and knowledge
  • D5: Deploy Performance Support—provide learners with the job aids, coaching, apps and other support they need to be successful
  • D6: Document Results—measure, evaluate, and report the results to prove and continuously improve training’s value.

If you want to find out more about using the 6Ds to increase the value delivered by learning and development in your organization, write to [email protected] or use the Contact Us link.