6Ds® Workshop

6 disciplines“The most relevant, credible, and compelling program I have ever attended.”

The 6Ds® Workshop is a 10-week learning experience that includes a live, interactive, two-day workshop based on the best-selling Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results, 3rd ed. (Wiley, 2015).

Business Objective

The objective is to increase the business value created by training and development.   At the completion of the learning and transfer process, participants will have enhanced the effectiveness a training program by applying 6Ds principles.

How You Will Benefit

In this workshop, you with learn practical skills and techniques which, when applied, will enhance the effectiveness of the training you design and deliver.  As a result, you will enjoy greater respect as a learning professional and will be viewed as a strategic business partner, rather than simply an “order-taker” for training.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why training must always be linked to strategic business needs.
  • Use the Outcomes Planning Wheel to identify business needs, expected behaviors, and conditions of satisfaction.
  • Apply the concept of the “New Finish Line” to enhance learning transfer.
  • Define “cognitive overload” and explain its detrimental effect on learning.
  • List the key factors in the transfer climate and apply them to their own programs.
  • List the times when performance support is especially valuable and its salient features.
  • Develop a relevant performance support strategy for a learning program.
  • Explain the connection between measurement, the PDCA cycle, and process improvement.
  • Define the four guiding principles of program evaluation and apply them to a learning initiative.
  • Generate an evaluation plan that will produce relevant, credible, and compelling data.
  • Define and achieve a goal for applying one or more of the 6Ds to their own current work.


The workshop consists of ten segments: An introduction; exercises and discussions of how to strengthen each of the six disciplines; action planning; an 8-week learning transfer period; and a capstone web conference to report progress and achievements.  Each segment includes opportunities to practice applying the 6Ds principles to participants’ own programs.

6ds workshopComponents

The workshop includes:

  • Two days of live, facilitator-led, interactive instruction
  • A 250+ page workbook and reference guide
  • 8 weeks of online coaching by the facilitator / author
  • A 90-minute capstone web conference to discuss, and lessons learned
  • An electronic toolkit of all the checklists, planners, and other job aids used in the training.


Andrew Jefferson, JD, is the Chief Executive Officer of the 6Ds Company and co-author of the 6Ds.  He has led both businesses and learning organizations.

Dr. Roy Pollock is the Chief Learning Officer of The 6Ds Company and co-author of the Six Disciplines. He has leadership experience in business and learning.

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